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Trucker's Convoy Has Arrived In Sacramento

"Freedom Convoy" Protests Covid Restrictions At Michigan Capitol In Lansing

Photo: Getty Images

A trucker's convoy has arrived in Sacramento with an estimated 100 trucks and other vehicles that have been rolling through the streets of Downtown Sacramento.

Members of the convoy have been protesting on the grounds of the Capitol, arguing against over half a dozen bills being proposed by lawmakers that they say will erode the rights and freedoms of Californians. “I just thought it was time to get on with life,” convoy attendee John Barbee said of the pandemic. “The People’s Convoy is primarily about medical freedom. We're not anti-mask, we're not anti-vaccine, we're pro-choice. Personally, I've been vaccinated. I don't care if anyone else has been or hasn't been.” California remains under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19, but has eliminated many of its pandemic-related mandated orders in recent weeks, including the indoor mask mandate. The state also ended the mask mandate for students and educators on March 12.

Over 100 people are part of the convoy, gathering at the west side of the Capitol building for demonstrations that will be happening over the next three days. 

More protests at the Capitol are planned for later this week.

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