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American Firefighters Assisting In Ukraine


Photo: Getty Images

American firefighters. and firefighters from other countries, who have no connection to Ukraine other than their humanity are there to help the overworked and overwhelmed Ukrainian firefighters. A group of firefighters from California are working with the non-profit Project Joint Guardian on the frontlines of the destruction in Ukraine. The non-profit is part of the U.S. and Mexico Firefighters United group which is a non-profit organization that was started by a Southern California firefighter. The group was reportedly started as a way to assist fire departments in Mexico to ensure they receive the training and equipment needed to provide fire and emergency services, and now they are gearing up to send California firefighters in the current war between Ukraine and Russia.

Cosumnes Fire Department firefighter and paramedic Oleg Klepach, who was originally born in Ukraine, is preparing to head to his home country to help first responders as the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues."The community has come together and assist me, my family and my friends and families in Ukraine as well," Klepach said. "My family and I appreciate all the support that has been outpouring from the community.”

More information about the U.S. and Mexico Firefighters United group and how they are supporting the people of Ukraine can be found HERE.

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