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Suspect Identified In San Jose Home Depot Fire

The identity is now known of the suspect in a massive fire that destroyed a Home Depot in San Jose earlier this month. 

Dyllin Gogue is accused of starting the blaze at the store on Blossom Hill Road then trying to leave with a cart full of stolen items. Officials say the fire caused about seventeen-million-dollars in damage and required the efforts of more than one-hundred firefighters to put it out. Gogue is charged with felony aggravated arson and is facing up to life in prison. Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said that the fire erupted on a weekend when the store was full of shoppers, and he was thankful that his office "is not prosecuting a multiple murder case today."

"Miraculously no one was hurt," he said. "But it came close — far, far too close — to causing many injuries and deaths."

In addition to aggravated arson, Gogue is also charged with grand theft and petty theft involving shoplifting at six South San Jose stores dating to last October and April 2. The new theft charges span from October 2021 to April 2, involving $17,000 worth of items from six South San Jose retailers. He could face a potential life sentence if convicted of all charges, prosecutors said.

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