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Suspect In Sacramento Mass Shooting Out Of Hospital And Behind Bars

Early Morning Shooting In Sacramento Leaves 6 Dead

Photo: Getty Images

A suspect in the Sacramento mass shooting is out of the hospital and behind bars.

Police say Smiley Martin was recently booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on various gun charges in connection to the shooting on April 3. Authorities said Martin fired more than two-dozen rounds in a gunfight with rival gang members, which left six dead and twelve injured. Martin was hospitalized with serious injuries resulting from the shootout.

The suspect's brother, Dandrae Martin, is currently in jail facing charges of being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. Sacramento Police have said both brothers are among the five people suspected of firing weapons that night, and have identified a third suspect, Mtula Payton, 27, as having fired a weapon, but say he has not been found to take into custody.

“As the defendant told his social media audience, he had no intention of going to nightclubs or bars that evening,” official court documents on the shooting say. “Instead, based on his lack of identification, his clothing, his prior gang-related statements, and his decision to come to downtown Sacramento with a loaded, illegal full-automatic machine gun equipped with an illegal high-capacity magazine, there is clear and convincing evidence that defendant Smiley Martin intended to engage in armed criminal action with an illegal firearm.

He is being held without bail, and prosecutors are expected to argue at a hearing in Sacramento Superior Court that he poses too much of a threat to be released on bail.

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