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Sac County Employees Threaten To Strike Over Working Conditions

Photo: ABC10

Sac County employees threaten to strike over better pay and working conditions.

A labor union that represents more than 3,500 Sacramento County employees is currently threatening to strike if it cannot reach an agreement with the county on a new contract regarding better conditions at the workplace. The union, known as United Public Employees, represents court staff, social workers and many other local government employees carrying out essential functions during the pandemic. Multiple union members gave testimonials at the meeting of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors about their COVID experiences on Wednesday.

Executive Director of the union Ted Somera said it would mark the first time the UPE has declared a strike in more than a decade- however, employees have reached a breaking point over complicity in the face of inflation and pandemic working conditions. "If you’re not going to value them at work and then come back when contract negotiations are open and not compensate them for a livable wage, it’s insulting," Somera said. 

The meeting comes just weeks after the Sacramento City Teachers Association strike brought instruction across the county to a halt. Teachers and associated staff raised many of the same COVID and pay-related grievances at the time.

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