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Sacramento County Testing Ballot Machines For June Elections

counting ballot papers during election

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Sac County is already testing ballot machines for June elections.

With a little more than one month out from California's 2022 Primary Election, Sacramento County elections officials have started testing the ballot tabulation machines on Thursday. Officials historically run test ballots early to check for system errors and make sure ballots are read correctly.

"It basically is our process to ensure that our tabulation machines that run through and count ballots are configured for the ballots that we have for this election," said Janna Haynes with the Sacramento County voter registration and elections. "We have 55 ballot types this election, which is all the different configurations in Sacramento County, for different districts, and contests, then we have three sets of those 55 that are bilingual."

Californians have until May 23 to register to vote for the elections beginning June 7. Forms can be filled out online or physically at post offices and libraries.

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