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Californians Could Be Left In The Dark This Summer Due To Energy Concerns

Electricity poles and electric power transmission lines against vibrant orange sky at sunset on a hot day with flickering air. High Voltage towers provide power supply over a long distance.

Officials in California are warning that another wave of blackouts could be on the way this summer. In August of 2020, the state experienced the first rolling blackouts in nearly two decades, and now the California Public Utilities and Energy Commissions, and the Independent System Operator that oversees the state's power grid say California could face a deficit of up to 1700 megawatts this summer, the equivalent of losing a major power plant. The Sacramento Bee says the state narrowly avoided more blackouts last July, when temperatures were above 100 degrees in many parts of California. The increasing reliance on solar power and other forms of renewable energy leaves the grid most vulnerable to blackouts just after the sun goes down on the hottest days of the year.

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