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Reactions Come In From State And Local Officials Over Newsom Revised Budget

California Governor Newsom Unveils His Economic Recovery Package For The State

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Reactions pour in from local and state officials over Governor Newsom's revised budget. 

Governor Newsom is expected to announce another budget surplus for the state on Friday, giving him and state lawmakers funding to spend in a year with which the Governor is expected to campaign for reelection for a second term. The surplus in California's general fund has been reported to be as potentially high as $68 billion, higher than the initial $29.6 billion surplus Governor Newsom announced in January earlier this year. “Our revenues are up significantly above January,” said Keely Martin Bosler, director of the California Department of Finance.

State Republicans have urged Governor Newsom to suspend all of the state's gas tax for one year, and to make gas affordability a priority for California. They've also asked him to increase a tax credit for renters and offer new tax credits to students in order to eliminate growing increase in debts. “Senate Republicans believe there is a better way to invest in the state,” Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, Republican from Yucaipa, said. Republicans have just nine of 40 seats in the state Senate, preventing them from mustering enough votes to pass their priorities in California.

Governor Newsom will detail his budget plans today at 10 a.m. - watch the livestream here.

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