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Republican Lawmakers Continue Pushing For California Gas Tax Relief


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Republican state lawmakers continue to push for gas tax relief.

Earlier this week a group of five Republican state lawmakers lobbied for gas tax relief in California, led by Republican Leader Assemblyman James Gallagher. Joined by Assemblymembers Kevin Kiley, Laurie Davies, Kelly Seyarto and Steven Choi, the group held an event Wednesday morning for a small gathering of news media to push for action on gas tax relief for California drivers. "We need to provide this relief. People have waited far too long. In fact, we are on day 77 of the governor promising to provide gas tax relief to Californians. It still hasn't happened," Gallagher said. The group is pushing for a vote on Assembly Bill 2457 which they describe as a bipartisan effort to suspend the gas tax.

Governor Newsom has proposed giving $400 checks to registered car owners in the state, with up to two checks per person depending on car ownership. The gas rebate proposal would cost the state about $11.5 billion, according to Governor Newsom's office. Though the money would only go to car owners, Governor Newsom said it should be considered “inflation refund and relief." Democratic leaders have different ideas on how to provide relief, wanting to give $200 checks only to those below a certain income level. Lawmakers have been adamant on getting relief at the pump finalized for California drivers now that gas prices in the state have soared to the highest recorded prices in the country.

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