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Sacramento Public Schools Possibly Requiring Students To Wears Masks Again


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Sacramento public schools possibly requiring students to wear a mask again when school starts in fall.

According to district officials, students at Sacramento City schools could once again wear masks in class if COVID-19 transmission trends continue. In a news release, the Sacramento City Unified School District said the county could potentially reach "medium" or "high" transmission levels as soon as the end of May. If rates increase significantly in a short timespan, it could cause a changeup in the district's masking policy, and if rates soar towards "high" transmission thresholds, there would be an automatic return to indoor masking for staff and students according to the district. This approach was detailed in a March presentation to the Board of Education towards possible.

The district originally lifted mask mandates back in April, almost a month after the statewide mandate was relaxed. According to SCUSD, the county's case rate is almost five-times higher than it was when the district's mask mandate was lifted, even with only three more weeks left in the school year.

Officials are encouraging testing and following safety guidelines as a way to help keep the rest of the school year safe. Students are expected to be sent home with COVID testing kits ahead of Memorial Day weekend, and are suggested to test on May 30 before returning to school.

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