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Cruising Ban In Sacramento Overturned

Cruising ban in Sacramento is overturned - cruising is now legal.

On Tuesday evening Sacramento city officials unanimously voted to repeal an ordinance that prohibits cruising, and is expected to be allowed in 10 days. Sacramento Lowrider Commission members gathered at Cesar Chavez Plaza as they eagerly waited for the vote. Mayor Darrell Steinberg argued last week that the ordinance creates an unfair stereotype that associates lowriders with gangs or violence, and is in favor of the repeal.

The conflict over the ordinance started earlier this year when city officials designated Miller Park as a safe ground for individuals experiencing homelessness, while the Sacramento Lowrider Commission said the city in 1983 designated the place for cruising and events.

Council Member Katie Valenzuela, who advocated for designating Miller Park for homeless individuals, said that she was not aware of an agreement between the city and the lowrider commission, and added that the current homeless safe ground at Miller Park isn't permanent and once they open more housing and shelters, they'll be moving out — a time frame for that move-out has not been established.

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