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Crime Rates Rising In Sacramento

Photo: Margulies, Sasha (uploader)

Sacramento seeing a rise in crime, with numbers soaring in 2021.

The Sacramento Police Department released a video explaining the city's 2021 crime statistics and how they plan to address various violent crimes in 2022 on Wednesday. In 2021 there were 58 homicides in Sacramento according to the report, which was the highest number of homicides in the city since 2006. The city of Sacramento also saw significant increases in murder, rape, assault, and gun-related crimes compared to previous years in 2021, according to a video news release from the Sacramento Police Department.

"2021 was challenging for the Sacramento community and our department as we saw a significant increase in homicides, shootings, assaults and other crimes," spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department Chad Lewis said in a video news release. Lewis says in the video that although crimes in the city are on a violent trend, they are concurrent with national crime trends as homicides in major American cities have had a 44% increase over 2019. In 2022, the Sacramento police say the city has already seen the tragic impact gun violence has on the community, with the most notable incident of gun violence being the K Street shooting that left six people dead in April and the trial for the shooters still pending.

"As your police department, we remain committed to addressing all forms of violent crime through a comprehensive approach that includes feedback and input from you, the community, to work towards decreasing violence in our city through collaboration," Lewis says.

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