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Triple Digit Heat Heading To Sacramento, Excessive Heat Warning For Friday

An Excessive Heat Watch is in Friday's forecast for Northern California, and will extend east into the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. The National Weather Service says the advisory also extends into the Bay Area, south into Santa Cruz, and even touch Monterey county. Daytime highs on Friday are expected to range from 93 to 105-degrees for the interior valleys. Most coastal areas will avoid the extreme heat, but will still be warmer than average. San Francisco is looking for a high of 81-degrees with Bodega Bay and Monterey near 75.

Ahead of Friday's predicted highs, temperatures in Sacramento are already feeling the heat. Wednesday hit a high of 91 degrees with 101 expected on Thursday. The heat wave takes full effect Friday with a slated 106 in Sacramento and 102 Saturday. In response to this, Sacramento County is opening cooling centers starting on Thursday through Saturday.

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