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Newsom Travels To Banned-Travel State, Did He Use Taxpayer Money To Go?

Governor Newsom's press office hung up on a KFBK reporter when we called them to ask who is paying for Governor Newsom's security detail while he vacations in Montana. Newsom has ordered that state workers are not allowed to travel to Montana because he opposes the state's legislation that he says restricts the rights of LGBTQ people. But, despite that order, Newsom and his family have traveled to Montana this week to visit his wife's family's ranch where the couple got married in 2008. Hear the call to the Governor's office and reaction from KFBK talk show host John McGinness below....

When CalMatters released the story, staff writer Emily Hoeven tweeted the details, Newsom's Senior Communications Advisor Anthony York defended Newsom's travel saying that "he is not using state funds". However, a source close to the KFBK talk show host and former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness says that a California Highway Patrol security detail followed Newsom to Montana.

Another part of the trip being called out is the lack of communication by the Governor's office. In previous times where the Governor travels out of state or country, a location and return date are usually included in the press release. This time, no location or return date was included and his office continues to be vague with the details of his trip.

While these actions are receiving scrutiny from some, others are saying this is not a scandal at all...

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