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Both Juries For The Kristin Smart Murder Trial Are In Deliberations

The man accused of murdering college student Kristin Smart, along with his father, who is accused of helping him hide the body, now have their fate in the hands of two juries. On Tuesday afternoon, a reporter in the courtroom Tweeted that the jury for Paul Flores' part of the trial went into deliberation at 2:59pm. The next day on Wednesday afternoon at 1:43pm, the other jury for Ruben Flores' part of trial started deliberating.

Paul Flores is on trial for murder as he is suspected of killing then college freshman Kristin Smart in the process of attempting to rape her in his dorm room. Ruben Flores is being tried as an accomplice for allegedly helping his son hide Smart's body. Smart was last seen with Paul Flores leaving a party and heading back to the dorms on the Cal Poly campus and has been a person of interest since her disappearance. Smart was reported missing in May of 1996. Each verdict from the juries are independent of each other but both juries must have their decision made before the verdicts are to be read in the courtroom.

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