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Sacramento Approves Over $35 Million To Create More Affordable Housing

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The Sacramento City Council has approved more than $35-million in funding to build more affordable and transitional housing units. The funding was approved by the city council at Tuesday's meeting and will pave the way for 820 new units; over 300 of them will be built along the Stockton Boulevard Corridor. The city has another 1,000 housing units already planned for that area. 4 of the newly approved housing projects will have units reserved just for homeless people. Another will provide transitional housing beds for the homeless. 18.8 million of that funding is coming from already allocated funds, outlined in the city's comprehensive siting plan.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors also on Tuesday approved a $23-million plan for a new homeless shelter in North Highlands. This site will feature a 13,000 square foot warehouse that is going to be created near one of the county's largest vehicle campsites. The site will also be one of the first county sites to offer "safe parking" slots located at 4837 Watt Ave. Those looking to move into this warehouse or get a "safe parking" spot will be prioritized by those who currently live near the project. More information on the site will be discussed at the November 15th Board meeting.

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