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"Not Aggressive Enough" - Why Newsom Is Delaying $1B In Homeless Funding

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Governor Gavin Newsom is urging local governments to do better when it comes to curbing homelessness in their communities. Newsom is delaying $1billion in homeless spending, arguing the plans submitted aren't aggressive enough. Together, the collective plans sent by local governments would decrease homelessness statewide by just 2% over the next 4 years. The governor says this approach is unacceptable because it would take decades to significantly reduce that issue in California. Newsom will hold the money until after a meeting with local leaders later this month to review the plans and identify new strategies that better address the homeless crisis.

In response to this decision, organizations are speaking out, calling the governor's decision a bad move.

State Senator and Republican Scott Wilk released this statement: “His policies have been a total flop. Republicans call for accountability and results-based legislation, which have fallen on deaf ears for the last two years. So I say, ‘Welcome to the party, governor. I invite you to review our legislative proposals for some meaningful solutions.’”

League of California Cities Executive Director and CEO Carolyn Coleman released this statement: “Homelessness is one of the most pressing crises gripping our state, and we share the Governor’s frustration that on any given night, more than 170,000 Californians are sleeping on the streets. City leaders are laser-focused on this issue and are collaborating with county, regional, and state partners to develop innovative solutions that save lives and foster thriving communities. Now is not the time to play politics when people’s lives are at stake. Failing to release state funding will not put roofs over the heads of Californians or deliver desperately needed supportive services. Refusing the delivery of these funds is the opposite of progress — if anything, it will lengthen the time it takes for unhoused residents to access the services and housing they deserve."

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