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WATCH: Was A Meteorite The Cause Of A Nevada County House Fire?

Photo: Getty Images

An official investigation is underway in Nevada County this week as man claims his house was hit by a meteorite during a meteor shower Friday evening. Homeowner Dustin Procita believes a meteorite, or something of that nature, is the cause of his house burning down Friday, as many witness say they saw something drop from the sky earlier that evening. The Penn Valley Fire Department alongside CalFire battled the house fire for hours after it ignited. The PVFD is now investigating the cause. Witnesses in the area that night say they saw a ball of light drop from the sky and fall around the path of Procita's house.

NASA confirms that Taurid meteor showers can happen in Northern California with sightings of bright lights in the sky. KCRA reports the start of the fire matches up with the time of the fire ball sighting. A Go-Fund-Me page has been set up to help support the family after the house fire.

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