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Gov. Newsom Officially Calls Special Session Over Oil Companies Taxing Gas

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Governor Gavin Newsom says "Big Oil is ripping Californians off" as he officially signs a proclimation for a special session of the Legislature. The session is slated for Monday as Newsom aims to propose a penatly on oil companies, saying that the threat of enforcement might discourage price gouging. The Governor first proposed this special session earlier this year after the regular legislative session ended but gas prices soared to record highs. Newsom also says the session meeting will aim to increase transparency and protect drivers from "outrageous" gas spikes in the future.

This proclimation comes days after a hearing was held, calling on the oil companies to answer to the claims of price gouging. But no one from "Big Oil" showed up. California Republicans have been calling on the Legislature to pause the state's gas tax since March. The state still hiked the gas tax amid record high gas prices back in July.

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