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Lawyer For Placer County's First Fentanyl Murder Trial Suspended

The defense attorney for Placer County's first ever fentanyl-related murder trial is banned from practicing law. The State Bar Association deemed Victor Haltom not eligible to practice law two weeks ago. Court records show that the California Supreme Court has previously denied Haltom's motion twice of him asking to delay his suspension. The court cited serious misconduct, but did not specify what that means. A representative for the Bar told CBS13 that Haltom's license is suspended for two years and he'll face an additional year of probation. This is the third time Haltom has been disciplined by the state bar since 2011.

His client, Carson Schewe, was charged with murder last year. His trial is scheduled to start in January. Schewe has been assigned a public defender, who the is also representing the sexually violent predator set to be released in another high-profile Placer County case. The same attorney also represented the man who pled guilty to a similar charge, resulting in the first fentanyl murder conviction in the state. He was charged after Schewe but pled guilty, avoiding a trial. Haltom did not immediately respond to CBS13's request for comment.

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