Local Nonprofit Seeks Cure For Rare Disease, Patient Zero In Sacramento

Jordan's Guardian Angels is pioneering research toward putting an end to "Jordan's Syndrome", a genetic mutation causing developmental delays, low muscle tone, seizures, and autism-like symptoms. The organization's research team believes there will be a cure, and when that happens, they believe there will also be major breakthroughs for people with intellectual disabilities, autism, Alzheimer's, and even cancer. Right now, the researchers are making huge strides toward reversing the mutation in mice, which is the first step before human clinical trials can start in the next few years.

Representatives of Jordan's Guardian Angels spoke about their mission on News 931. KFBK during morning news with Cristina Mendonsa and Sam Shane.

Jordan's Guardian Angels Audio Interview

Jordan's Guardian Angels is a 501C3 nonprofit based in Sacramento. They say Jordan herself, who is patient zero, lives in Sacramento, but there are reportedly families around the world dealing with the same gene mutation diagnosis. In addition, researchers believe there are some 250,000 to 300,000 more people with the disease who remain undiagnosed.

The nonprofit is hoping to spread the word, so that more families can know about JGA and Jordan's Syndrome. They also have information about the organization, the disease, personal stories available on Facebook.

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