Congressional Candidate Brynne Kennedy on KFBK 20 for 2020 Podcast

20 for 2020
Cristina Mendonsa, Brynne Kennedy and Sam Shane

This week's guest on 20 for 2020 is Brynne Kennedy, a Democrat running in California's 4th Congressional district. She talks about the higher fire risk and loss of fire insurance that Sierra residents have been facing, the direction of the Democratic Party, and much more.

20 for 2020 is an iHeart Radio Podcast initiative where in 20 minutes voters can get to know our political leaders in a personal in-depth freewheeling conversation about the issues important to them and their constituency. You can hear all the episodes at

20 for 2020 Podcast - Brynne Kennedy
Candidate Brynne Kennedy
Sam Shane, Brynne Kennedy and Cristina Mendonsa

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