Movies With Lana: The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2

Despite his accomplished film career, Denzel Washington hasn’t reprised a role until now. Washington, who won Oscars for his amazing work in “Glory” and “Training Day,” is back and better than ever in “The Equalizer 2,” a satisfying follow-up to his 2014 hit movie, “The Equalizer.”

In “The Equalizer 2,” from director Antoine Fuqua (“The Magnificent 7” remake), Washington plays Robert McCall, a retired CIA Black Ops operative turned Lyft driver in Boston who still dispenses, swift, street justice to anyone who wrongs or harms innocent people.It’s best that you simply do the right thing and play by the rules, otherwise it’s not going to end well for you.Robert (Washington) has adapted to his quiet lifestyle now. He still misses his wife and fills his time reading and talking with his Lyft passengers.

Along the way this avenging angel can’t help but take care of those who find themselves in some uncomfortable positions, whether it’s a mother trying to locate her missing daughter, or a teenager (an excellent, Ashton Sanders, “Moonlight”) trying to escape the grips of a gang in his drug infested neighborhood or an abused young woman (Tamara Hickey, “Chappaquiddick”) who hooks up with the wrong, rich guys.

\However, nothing prepares Robert for the news he gets regarding his former colleague and best friend, Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo, TV’s “I’m Dying Up Here”). Susan has been killed and Robert’s former co-worker, Dave York (“”Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and TV’s “Narcos”) helped orchestrate the murder.That sets Denzel off and in hot pursuit to use every one of his unique skills to methodically kill those responsible for Susan’s death. 

Lana Wilson-Combs