Commemorating the 150 Year of the California State Capitol

Pete Sexton

 Pete Sexton, with California State Parks, says the California State Capitol Museum is honored to present an all new exhibit that looks at the fascinating 150-year history of the Golden State’s Capitol. Entitled “Building a Legacy – One Hundred and Fifty Years of the California State Capitol,” this exciting new exhibit examines both the construction and restoration of one of California’s grandest structures.

“More than a million visitors from around the world come to see our State Capitol every year and now, they’ll get the opportunity to learn about why they should take great pride in the State Capitol building and learn about some of its hidden stories,’” said John Fraser, Capital District Superintendent, California State Parks. 

The iconic California State Capitol has proudly served as the home to California’s Legislature and Governor since it was first occupied in 1869. Visitors will discover why the Capitol was almost not built at all, some of the major challenges faced during construction, and how it was nearly torn down to make way for a newer structure. The public will also have the opportunity to see never-before-exhibited artifacts and objects connected with the building’s history.

“Building a Legacy – One Hundred and Fifty Years of the California State Capitol” will be open to the general public from March 20, 2019 through March 20, 2020. The exhibit will be accessible to visitors seven-days-a-week between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays) and is free of charge. The California State Capitol Museum is located at 1315 – 10thStreet in Sacramento; the exhibit is located in thefirst floor exhibit rooms in the historic west wing.

For further information and to learn more about this exhibit as well as other programs offered by the State Capitol Museum, please contact the California State Capitol Museum at(916) 324-0333 or

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