Antelope HS: Graduating seniors thank teachers from earlier years

ANTELOPE& ROSEVILLE– Antelope High School has a tradition where graduating seniors from their student government class write thank you letters to a former Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District teacher who made a difference in their lives, whether in the classroom, or by helping instill in them a "never give up" attitude and work ethic. Once letters are written, the soon to be graduates "crash" the teacher's classroom to read their letter of gratitude to them in full cap and gown. The teachers have no idea they are being honored, and are genuinely moved, most often to tears. It is incredibly powerful for current students, which at times are as young as kindergartners, to see the seniors in their caps and gowns returning to their former school thanking teachers. 

Ethan Benavenuti honoring Antelope Crossing Middle School's sixth grade Social Studies teacher Jason Dupree today.