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Non-profits Get Donated Christmas Trees at Habitat For Humanity

Laine Himmelman, Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento

Listen: Laine Himmelman, Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento.

National retailer King of Christmas announced today they are donating 600 artificial Christmas trees to families across California, particularly to those in need. The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento ReStore will serve as a distribution hub on December 7, 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm at 819 North 10th Street in Sacramento. Trees will be donated to families receiving services through more than a dozen nonprofits, such as St. John’s Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Single Mom Strong, Neighborworks, and the Alta California Regional Center.

Families receiving trees have been contacted and community volunteers will be on hand to load up the artificial Christmas trees. 

“As our families work to build their lives through stable housing, buying something as mainstream as a Christmas tree can often be a financial burden,'' says Laine Himmelman, Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. “Many times working, low-income families during the holiday season have to make a difficult choice between purchasing a tree or purchasing a present for their child or being able to have a hot Christmas meal for their family. This tree donation not only takes away that burden this year, but it’s a tree they’ll be able to use in perpetuity” says Himmelman. 

Every year, King of Christmas organizes a Christmas tree give away to families in need or areas affected by a natural disaster. ”This year, we wanted to serve as many families as we could, through a variety of regional nonprofits. So, our trees are going to families with disabilities, mental health struggles, those in newly secured affordable housing, single parents and those impacted by domestic violence,” says Seth Taylor of King of Christmas. “There is no cost involved to the recipients. We are in a position to give, and that’s what we are honored to do.”

King of Christmas Trees is one of the largest retailers of online Christmas trees. Founded in 2012 with a grand vision of providing the highest quality artificial Christmas trees, they’ve since expanded to deliver beautiful, natural-looking garland and wreaths, along with holiday attire and more, to customers all around the country, at the most attainable prices.

Philanthropy is our core value. In 2017, we donated thousands of Christmas trees in Houston, TX to underprivileged families and those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In 2018, we donated to families in Wilmington, NC after Hurricane Florence. In addition, we also donated to victims of the Paradise Fire. 

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