New Element Art Collective

L-R  Jessica, Gabriel, Nick, Kitty, Ryan

L-R Jessica, Gabriel, Nick, Kitty, Ryan

Listen: Artists Garbriel Sanford, Nick Taylor, Jessica Burke, Ryan Bowen. Unified Vision an art exhibit by New Element Art Collective Public · Hosted by WAL Public Market and The Gabriel M. Sanford Project Learn more about today's event at the WAL from 6 yo 8 pm here:

New Element Art was founded in 2014 by artist Ryan Bowen. It’s a blog and social media community focused on promoting for Independent Artists, Groups and Collectives. We are dedicated to helping them introduce people to their artwork, shows and projects. While working in the Sacramento art community we met and teamed up with Artist Gabriel Sanford who was running the Gabriel M. Sanford Project with similar intentions as New Element Art. The basic premise is to build a platform that can help independent artists get free exposure and opportunities through the platform we’re building. As we continued working together we were joined by artist Jessica Burke who has worked in the local art community for years helping Gabriel and others host shows and events. A few months ago Ryan opened ‘Studio B’ - a new art studio in ‘Tin Can Studios’ and the group came together (joined by another local artist Nick Taylor) to paint as a collective and have a show to raise money for the platform and keep the dream alive. The dream is to have a funded platform that gives local struggling artist free access to promotions and an audience interested in supporting their work.

New Element Art