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The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Sacramento Ballet Partners with Kaiser Permanente for Classes for Seniors

Sac Ballet Class for Seniors

Listen: Chris McGahey, Kaiser Permanente and Kathy Frodahl – Senior Ballet Student,

Since early 2019, the Sacramento Ballet in partnership with Kaiser Permanente has been putting together weekly ballet classes taught by ballerina Cynthia Drayer-Reues that is helping dozens of seniors incorporate ballet into their fitness routines, getting some seniors up and moving, and decreasing their changes of falling. The 60-minute class has tripled in size since the first session and due to the demand, Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring this class again in 2020.

Besides the fun of getting out and mixing with other seniors, there are many benefits of ballet for older adults. Students have found that they have better posture, improved memory, and improved balance. In addition, ballet can also help to stretch muscles, straighten bones, and fight dementia and there is less chance for injury to older joints because it’s not high impact.

The Sacramento Ballet Music and Movement fall prevention class will kick off their 2020 sessions on Wednesday, January 15,and we’d to showcase how seniors are loving ballet.

Classes are FREE, and they are suggested for both men and women age 55+.

Classes are about 60 minutes. Call to sign up 916-732-3660

Talking about the class

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