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The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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60 year-old Camino Resident Runs to Support El Dorado County Fire Assn

Listen to the iHeartMedia interviews with Jacob Poganski, Fire Captain / Paramedic with the El Dorado

County Fire Protection District speaking on behalf of the firefighters association.

Also Jeanne Harper with the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines.

Starting Friday March 6 at 8 am,Hervé Leconte, a 60 year-old Camino resident and ultra-marathoner, will begin a 200 mile run...on Fire Station 17's TREADMILL in Pollock Pines, CA.

Hervé's goal is to raise $5000.00 toward shower facility renovation and new physical fitness equipment for the aging community fire station.

Station 17, located at 6430 Pony Express Trail, was constructed in 1948 and struggles to meet the needs of local firefighters and their ability to deliver safe and effective service from the facility.


Although the facility now houses four personnel on a 24-hour basis, there is only one shower for firefighters to use for daily hygiene and to decontaminate after responding to fires. Decontaminating quickly after a fire is one way firefighters can reduce exposure to cancer causing toxins that are absorbed through the skin. Having only one shower at this fire station really hinders the intent to keep our firefighters safe.

Hervé has also raised funds for El Dorado Sheriffs (including K-9’s) and for local non-profit Military Family Support Group (of which he is current Board Chairman) with his amazing running endurance.

The Fire Station 17 Run-A-Thon is being coordinated by the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines - CEDAPP, a local non-profit organization.Come by Friday, March 6th, 8 am – Monday, March 9, 8 am to cheer Hervé on and make a donation! Address: 6430 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Phone: (530) 644-9630

You can also support this great cause by sending check (made out to CEDAPP, PO Box 434, Pollock Pines, CA 95726) Attention: CEDAPP/Subject: PP17 Showers/Gym. A donation page has been setup at: For more information please contact the CEDAPP at

Captain Jacob

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