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The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Sac Regional Justice Center Open to Help with Domestic Violence/Elder Abuse

Faith Whitmore

Listen: Faith Whitmore, CEO Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center talks about the free services available now for victims of domestic violence and elder abuse.

CEO Faith Whitmore

The Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center offers a safe, healing environment for victims of domestic violence, child and elder abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. We bring an array of needed services to victims through collaboration with existing public, private, and community-based programs. We are a “one-stop” center, effectively and efficiently delivering the critical services that our partners provide.

We offer a collaborative environment to help fill the cracks in our current system, allowing us to reach victims early and help us put an end to domestic violence. We know this is an effective model, as evidenced by a number of similar collaborations through our state known as Family Justice Centers. There are 13 counties in California that have established successful FJCs.

The safety and well-being of our men, women, and especially our children is the foundation needed to sustain a thriving Sacramento region. Like any successful business model, the FJC allows for a coordinated, more efficient and effective delivery system of the critical services and support that our existing agencies provide, resulting in lives saved and less violence in our community.

We offer the following services:

  • a “one stop” facility to report a crime
  • help provide a complete statement taken by a detective or a trained child interviewer
  • assistance in obtaining temporary restraining orders
  • help find safe housing
  • meet with prosecutors and victim advocate to learn what will happen in court
  • help find support to keep victims from falling back into the hands of the accused

Talk to a Human

Help isn't far away...

We can be reached by phone, email or in person.


916-875-HOPE (4673)


Inside the Sacramento County Child Support Bldg (Third Floor)

3701 Power Inn Road, Suite 3100

Sacramento, CA 95826

Contact Form Disclaimer

Please be aware that the submission of the contact form does not constitute legal or form an attorney-client relationship.

Do not use the form to submit confidential, privileged, or sensitive information. The information submitted on this form is not privileged. As with any information submitted over the internet, there is a risk that the information below could be intercepted, viewed, or retrieved by a third-party.

Sac Regional Family Justice Center

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