The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Performance Artist David Garibaldi Gives Back to First Responders

Listen to the iHeartMedia interview: Internationally renowned performance artist David Garibaldi's efforts to help first responders.


In collaboration with Restore Sacramento, Vaughn’s Valley Foundation 501(c)(3), David Garibaldi & Chady Dunmore we are uniting to support a wellness initiative for the first responders in the Sacramento Region. This giveback initiative is for the purpose of providing IV services containing Vitamin C and other supplements to improve the immunities of our local qualified first responders.

More about David:

David Garabaldi
David and Lady Liberty

Our goal is to provide the region with limited wellness during this trying time, and partner with other local entities for a more widespread reach. These services will be offered at the Garibaldi Studio located at, 500 Broadway, Sacramento, CA, and donations will be accepted via Vaughn’s Valley Foundation a non-profit 501(c)(3), (tax id: 27-6601178). “On behalf of Restore Sacramento and our family, we are excited to give back to Sacramento’s first responders. This was inspired by our daughter, Kathryn, who is currently a nurse and working tirelessly during this COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these IV’s prevent and help restore our first responders immune system to keep on with the fight!” – Ilan & Kristin Frank & Partners

| Restore Sacramento “First responders are the real heroes and they don’t think twice about their own health. This is a way to say thank you and I appreciate everything you do for our community. I have been doing IV’s since college, throughout my baseball career, continued during my retirement and I know how helpful this can be." – Greg Vaughn | Vaughn’s Valley Foundation

“We want to make sure our first responders are not only healthy, but know they are supported by their community. I’m excited to partner with Restore and local philanthropists to provide this opportunity for our first responders to get the relief and love they deserve." – David Garibaldi | Garibaldi Arts “Vitamin C supplementation can be most beneficial for those under extreme stress, such as our FIRST RESPONDERS.” – Chady | ChadyFit

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