Local Chocolate Berry Entrepreneur Shari Fitzpatrick Gives Back

Listen: Entrepreneur Shari Fitzpatrick Link with her ministry www.BoysandBerries.org where she helps disabled children living in Mexico in extreme poverty.

Shari and "Casa Connor" student Xochiti

Shari's Children's Non-profit ministry is supported through her BoysandBerries.org efforts and she writes:

My friend Vera (age 95) called me from Puerto Vallarta last week, she's slipping cash through a hole in her door, to Mothers*who have hungry children. The money I send down goes straight to 20 different families she is supporting there. 

As inconvenienced, bored and concerned WE are in the US, it's alarming to consider the level this pandemic affects those who are already extremely poor, and must dig through the dump as their main source of income! 

But even the dumps are empty as their "...town is closed down... The cruise ships stopped coming, the airplane flights ... reduced to almost none, ... closed entrances into Vallarta...the streets are empty....from High Season to NO Season."

"95% of Puerto Vallarta’s employment is related to tourism. Mexican people do not have the financial stability and assistance programs thatwe are so lucky to have in the U.S. There isno food stamp program, no unemployment benefits, no severance pay, no welfare, or any other back-up for their lost employment. And the people in Mexico certainly arenot expecting to receive a stimulus check from their government anytime soon.

Shari Fitzpatrick

Speaker - Published Author - Entrepreneur - Berry Dipper 

Founder, Shari's Berries






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Shari Fitzpatrick

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