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The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Citrus Heights Visualizes Revitalization with "New Sylvan" Project

Sylvan Corners
Megan's interview
Aerial view

Listen: Citrus Heights Economic Development and Communications Manager, Meghan Huber

The City of Citrus Heights released its Offering Memorandum for our 11+ acre property right in the center an important corridor for our City. The project is called “New Sylvan,” and we’re officially seeking multi-use developers!

A little background: The City purchased this property in 2019, to ensure the future of the site would fit our vision to revitalize the Auburn Blvd. corridor and reflect the needs of our community. Since purchasing the land, our City Council has adopted goals, which outline that we want the development of this site to…

-Support multiple uses compatible with surrounding land uses.

-Enhance the area as the geographical center of the City and reestablish the area as a cultural and social hub.

-Include enhanced pedestrian connections to connect the property to nearby businesses, Sylvan Plaza and the adjoining school.

-Incorporate the existing Sylvan Plaza into the project design.

-And more!

These goals and others have been packaged up for future developers, on our website:

Citrus Heights Homes

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