The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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You Can Visit The Mountain Mandarin Marketplace In-Person This Weekend

Listen: Gary Gilligan, CEO, Mountain Mandarin Marketplace.

Friday 11/20 –10am to 5pm

Saturday 11/21 –9am to 5pm

Sunday 11/ 22 –10am to 4pm

Online Tickets:

$6 General Admission

Friday Special $4 Tickets,Kids under 12 free!

At Gate price:

$7 General Admission

$3 Parking Fee

You can attend in person, with safety guidelines, Friday through Sunday at the Auburn Fairgrounds.

The annual Mountain Mandarin Marketplace, takes place every year in November with the new crop of delicious, foothills-grown Mandarin oranges.
Placer County growers will sell thousands of pounds of fresh Mandarin oranges and gift baskets, accompanied by all the free samples you like. Join in the fun with food, artisan crafts, and activities.

More info:

Patrick Storm with Placer Grown
Products in Basket
From the Marketplace
Gary Gilligan

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