The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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New Mural at the Sacramento Central YMCA Child Development Center

 Board Member and Volunteer Mary Jane with muralists Taylor and Adinah from Americorps in the background.

Listen:  Jen Moore

 Sr. Youth Development Director


The YMCA of Superior California is announcing a new mural has been commissioned, with work already started, at the Sacramento Central YMCA Child Development Center at 2021 W Street in Sacramento. The mural will be 120 feet long, and 16 feet high. The mural, designed by Adinah Hopkins, will begin to emerge in the coming days. Mural themes will include social responsibility and youth development, while also celebrating the nature that is native to California. The mural will greet commuters each day along the Sacramento RT Blue Line between W Street and V Street, and 19th and 20th Street.

The mural is made possible thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento and AmeriCorps NCCC Pacific Region, Team Gold 3.

Jen Moore interview

Work on the mural has been delayed slightly due to unfortunate circumstances. Jen Moore writes today:

Vandalism was done to our Child Care Van over the weekend. Someone tried to steal the catalytic converter and caused several hundreds of dollars worth of damage in the process. That vandalism and all the rest we have dealt with more recently is EXACTLY why I chose the message "Our Future Depends on You!". I want that message spread widely and hopefully people will stop and realize this is a child care facility and their lives are impressionable. The community truly is responsible for their future. Make good choices people!

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