Sacramento History Museum has Over 1 Million Tik Tok Followers!

The Museum's Howard Hatch

The Museum's Howard Hatch

Listen: Delta Pick Mello, Executive Director of the Sacramento History Museum

Even amid a pandemic when the museum was closed for nearly a year and only recently reopened indoors, the Sacramento History Museum at the Old Sacramento Waterfront reached a remarkable social media milestone: one million followers on TikTok! Already leading the way as the number one museum on the social media platform (measured by number of followers), the History Museum hit the huge milestone on Monday evening, March 29, 2021. And the audience has only grown!

The Sacramento History Museum began engaging on TikTok on December 23, 2020 and posted what turned out to be a wildly popular video of 82-year-old volunteer docent (and Land Park resident) Howard Hatch working away in the Museum’s print shop. That single video has had more than 17 million views to date and the number of views continues to increase rapidly.

ED Delta Pick Mello  (About 8 min listen)