Kitten Season and Bradshaw Shelter's Foster Care Program

Listen: Violet Pina, Foster & Rescue Coordinator.(About a 4 minute interview)

Animal shelters around the country are gearing up for what is known as “kitten season,” when cats begin to give birth to countless kitten litters. Typically beginning in late spring and continuing throughout summer, kitten season stretches the already-thin resources animal shelters and rescues have when the influx of unwanted kittens and cats crowd shelter and kennel space.

Violet Pina, Foster & Rescue Coordinator.
Bradshaw Shelter and Kitten Season

Bradshaw Shelter and Kitten Season

The Bradshaw Shelter’s Foster Care Program​helps save lives and space during this hectic season. 

Residents interested in becoming fosters should submit a foster application to The shelter provides all food, bedding, supplies, toys and more at no cost to the foster. Fostering is a great way to help alleviate the impact of kitten season at your local shelter and can provide temporary companionship for those still working from home.