East Sacramento Rotary Fundraiser for City of Refuge

East Sacramento Rotary Holds a ‘Walk-a-Day in the Month of May’ Fundraiser to Support City of Refuge Youth Education and Activities,

Listen: Amy Ruggles, Fundraiser Committee Chair, East Sacramento Rotary

‘Walk-a-Day in the Month of May’,” says Amy Ruggles, Fundraiser Committee Chair. “For a $35 donation to East Sacramento Rotary Foundation, each participant gets a special t-shirt to wear as they walk each day during May and we have even provided ideas for each week of the month on where to walk. Such as, week one walk to your favorite restaurant for breakfast/lunch or dinner, week two walk with a young person to the park, river or zoo, week three go sample some wines at a local Clarksburg winery and week four, walk for someone who is homebound and can’t walk.”

To sign up to walk each day in May and/or donate….go to www.eastsacrotary.com… and click on the blue “Donate” button at the top of the page. The options for supporting the ‘Walk-a-Day in the month of May’ will appear. Corporate sponsors as well as individual sponsors are welcomed as are donations of any amount. All donations are tax deductible.

Amy Ruggles, Fundraiser Committee Chair,  East Sacramento Rotary
Walk-a-Day in the Month of May
City of Refuge

Listen: Rachelle Ditmore, Co-Founder, City of Refuge

City of Refuge Sacramento, a non profit organization, exists to support people living in marginalized communities of Sacramento and to empower their ability to create a personal transformation that will lead to a healthyand thriving community. 

Services for Homeless, Human Trafficking Survivors, Abused and Exploited Women and children, At-Risk Youth Engagement Programs, Workforce Development, Community Outreach and Life Development Programs.


Rachelle Ditmore, Co-Founder, City of Refuge