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Friday Food Segment: New Ventures for Sac's Burgess Brothers

Listen to the iHeartMedia interview: Jonathon Burgess, New Executive Chef Dennis V. Sydnor Jr. and Chef de Cuisine Erick Avila, co-owners of Renegade Dining,

Jonathon Burgess

New Executive Chef Dennis V. Sydnor Jr. and Chef de Cuisine Erick Avila, co-owners of Renegade Dining,

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The Burgess Brothers have named chef’s Dennis V. Sydnor Jr. and Erick Avila, co-owners of Renegade Dining, to Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine respectively to help lead the company’s expansion into new and existing contracts with sports stadiums, colleges and universities and hotels. They are taking over the duties handled by Matthew Burgess, one-half of the twin brother duo and co-founder of The Burgess Brothers. Matthew Burgess will step back from day-to-day operations to run for California State Senate, representing District 6. His twin brother Jonathan, Burgess Brothers, co-founder, will guide Dr. Tonia Burgess, Jonathan and Matthew’s sister, in leading the company with Sydnor and Avila.

Matt Burgess

Burgess Cornbread mix

Burgess links

The Burgess Brothers honor their family history and celebrate Rufus Burgess, Jonathan and Matthew Burgess’ great-great-grandfather who came to California in 1850 at the age of 23 with his parents. Visit the museum in Coloma.

Mission of the AAGR: To fund and operate a public museum, that employs qualified staff that will preserve, interpret, expand, and share contributions of African American (AA) pioneers history in the United States, during and after the Gold Rush of 1849; to combat systemic institutional racism that has been misplaced on African Americans. 

AAGR's goalis to reunite direct descendants of pioneers with their family roots when possible, with the assistance of our research and genealogy partners.  

To bring awareness to all AA contributions and achievements during and after the gold rush in a facility open to the public that is located in a historic part of Sacramento, California’s State Capitol, in an embracive manor.

Jonathan inside the church, part of the non-profit organization he has created. The church will be a public museum (of the nonprofit organization)

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