The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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“CArolIphoneIA" Part of Archival Gallery Exhibition


hail yes

love is strange

sacramento bus

Listen: to the iHeartMedia interview below with Carol Mott-Binkley, Artist

“CArolIphoneIA”: random iphone street photography taken in the golden state by carol mott-binkley

@ Archival Gallery November 4-27, 2021

3223 Folsom Boulevard in East Sacramento

2nd Saturday reception 11/13, 5-8pm

CArolIphonIA is part of a three woman exhibition featuring Maureen Hood, Carol Mott-Binkley and JC Strote

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highway 101 north

beware of dog

moody paddlewheel

carol mott-binkley - artist bio

hometown & resident of: sacramento, california

i am a hobbyist iphone photographer aka “the little iphone photographer that could” the beauty of iphone photography is you pretty much always have your camera with you, it is also somewhat of a crapshoot to get the best photos with lighting & subject matter, which i find makes it even more interesting and fun. in my photography, i try to show the viewer how i see the world around me.

my iphone photos are “street photography” aka candid…un-planned & un-posed.

my photos have been shown in galleries & fundraisers in sacramento, carmichael, davis, woodland & roseville, i have received numerous award ribbons in the california state fair photography competitions. my iphone photographs have been published/featured in the sacramento bee, on public television (kvie art auction), cbs/kovr 13 news, good day sacramento cw/31 & the crocker art museum (sacramento.)

i love taking & “app-ing” photos on my trusty iphone and… if my iphone photos can make someone happy when they look at them, my journey in photography is on the right track.

my iphone photos have been featured in these galleries/exhibits: beatnik studios (sacramento) - natsoulas gallery (davis) - blue line art gallery (roseville) – california state fair photography exhibition (sacramento) - sacramento fine arts center - e street gallery (sacramento) - uptown studios (sacramento) - archival gallery (sacramento) - crocker art museum (sacramento)

i have donated my iphone photos to these organizations: tour de cluck art auction (davis) - blue line art gallery/lottery for the arts (roseville) - effie yeaw nature center gala/art auction (carmichael) - joshua’s house art auction (sacramento) – yolo arts/art farm art auction (woodland) - sacramento spca art fur paws auction (sacramento) – pbs/kvie annual art auction (sacramento area) – crocker art museum art auction (sacramento)

The artist carol mott-binkley

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