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The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Roseville PD Wants Community Help with Vandalism Spike

Our community our parks our responsibility.

Over the summer months, it’s common to see an increase in vandalism to our City facilities and parks. The past few months have been exceptionally bad. We experienced over 50 incidents of graffiti and dozens of vandalized amenities such as toilets, dispensers, playground equipment, picnic tables and shade canopies. The damage repair costs continue to rise and are already well over $20,000. The damage not only comes at a financial cost to taxpayers, but negatively impacts parks user experiences with restroom closures and loss of availability of amenities both due to time/costs and supply chain challenges.

We need your help.

Our City facilities and parks belong to all residents. If you see vandalism in progress or equipment/facilities being intentionally damaged, you’re witnessing a crime in progress, immediately report it to the Police Department by calling 911. If you see vandalism or property damage but there are no suspects, call Police non-emergency at 916-774-5000 #1.

Parents, check-in with your teenagers.

One theory for why vandalism increases over the summer months is schools aren’t in session and most sports leagues are on break. Much of the vandalism and damage we’re seeing could be caused by teenagers who have an abundance of free time on their hands, coupled with autonomy from their parents.  

There are consequences.

Minors in California found to have engaged in vandalism are usually put on probation or in a diversion program. The terms of probation generally include restitution, community service, counseling, a curfew, and other restrictions. Many acts of vandalism are misdemeanors, however, vandalism that results in serious damage to valuable property can be a felony with significant fines and possible jail time.

RPD is conducting extra patrols.

Officers will be conducting extra patrols in and around City facilities and parks. As a reminder, parks in the City of Roseville are closed one hour after sunset.

Get paid for a tip.

If you have a tip about an incident, Roseville Crime Stoppers may pay you if your tip leads to an arrest. Call 916-783-STOP to anonymously speak to an operator.

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