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Placer Homes Part of National Garden Conservancy Tour June 4th

Listen: John Poswall in the KFBK studios talking about the National Conservancy tour of his 50 acre garden on June 4th. Hear the whole story in the podcast below. Sign up here:

Local gardens on the National Conservancy tour.

POSWALL GARDENS are on the estate of retired Sacramento attorney John Poswall and his wife Peg Tomlinson Poswall.

Located outside Lincoln, Placer County, on 50 acres of ponds, rolling hills and canyons, the gardens will be open to the public for just 

one day, SUNDAY JUNE 4th from 9 to 4 as part of the national GARDEN CONSERVANCY OPEN DAYS program of America's best private


The gardens mirror John and Peg's travels starting your tour with a CHINESE GARDEN followed by a walk through the 400 foot ISLAMIC ARCHED PERGOLA 

reminiscent of THE ALHAMBRA in Spain to the Mexican garden complete with a pallapa beside acres of cactus, succulents and other drought tolerant

plants, and beyond the paths of bamboo, is the Italian cypress lined statuary garden complete with a large fountain and the THREE GRACES at one end and 400 feet away, 

the winged ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, his foot on the head of Satan, at the top of the hill. A terrace presides over all of the hill behind which is THE ITALIAN GARDEN where Peg 

entertains often with a complete complement of Sacramento area chefs as guests. Still more. Above is the ROSE GARDEN of 100 roses where Peg and John got married.

If visitors want more, there is the view of the house with its tower overlooking the rose garden. And then on to the PEG GARDENS above a pond full of water lillies. 

ANYONE can view this and more on FACEBOOK at POSWALL GARDENS.

SIGN UP for the garden visit is ON LINE with GARDEN CONSERVANCY OPEN DAYS 2023 PLACER COUNTY CAL. This site will bring up TWO SEPARATE gardens featured in 

Placer county, about 20 minutes apart ... and people can sign up for one or both. Each is open ONLY the one day and times .... SUNDAY JUNE 4TH, 9-4PM.

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