The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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Juan Browne, Announcer for the Reno Air Races and Commercial Airline Pilot

From the Reno Gazette Journal:

The National Championship Air Races said on Monday that the families of both pilots killed in a midair collision wanted the races to continue.

Organizers of the annual event also said the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board cleared the event to continue after the crash at 2:45 p.m. Sunday.

"We made the decision to cancel the rest of the event out of an abundance of caution and respect for all of our racers and families," the release from the organization said.

Nick Macy and Chris Rushing died after their planes collided after the race had ended and as they were preparing to land. Both pilots were longtime participants and winners in the race.

Juan's YouTube Channel blancolirio

"Baron's Revenge" the #1 aircraft in the landing pattern.Photo: Tim O'Brien

"Six Cat," the #2 aircraftPhoto: Tim O'Brien

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