The Insurance Hour with Karl Susman offers listeners an opportunity to have an insurance expert help them navigate the ever-changing insurance market in California and makes the daunting world of insurance more understandable for every consumer.

From floods to fires to earthquakes, Californians have unique insurance needs and concerns. Host Karl has the advice and expertise to help them make the right choices. In-depth discussions with local and state lawmakers, industry experts, and policyholders offer insight into the challenges and changes in the insurance market in the Golden State.

And while Insurance Hour is informative, it’s also fun! Listeners are invited to call in with their questions for live, on-air solutions! Recent topics included insuring classic cars, pet insurance, and insurance for start-ups. Weekly quizzes give listeners a chance to test their insurance knowledge and win prizes!

Karl Susman has more than thirty years of experience as an insurance agency owner, appears regularly in the media offering commentary and analysis of insurance industry news, advises lawmakers on legislation, programs, and policies, and is a certified expert witness.

Join Karl weekly for an informative and entertaining hour!

"We scoured the internet to find answers and a reliable source of insurance information that is updated frequently. At last, we precisely found that. Insurance doesn't have to be complicated anymore." -