Body-Cam Footage Released From Officer-Involved Shooting

The Sacramento Police Department released audio and video from Sunday's officer-involved shooting. 

Police officers fired 20 shots Sunday night at a man who they believed was armed and was cornered in the backyard of his grandparents home in South Sacramento. 

Two officers fired 10 shots each at the man. It is unclear how many times the man was hit and where he was shot during the incident. 

23-year-old Stephon Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

The department made public three videos and three audio files related to the incident in which the 22-year-old father of two was shot multiple times while holding only his cell phone.

The videos include body camera footage from the two officers involved in the shooting, each of whom fired 10 shots at Clark. The officers have not yet been identified. In a frenetic sequence that lasts about 10 seconds, police chase Clark into the backyard yelling at him to "show me your hands." 

Then they scream "gun, gun, gun," before firing a rapid barrage of shots.

Also included in the release was footage shot from above by a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department helicopter.

*This video may contain graphic images

Man Shot By Police Was Carrying Cell Phone, Not Tool Bar - Thumbnail Image

Man Shot By Police Was Carrying Cell Phone, Not Tool Bar

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