Brandon Smith’s Autopsy Results Released; Meth Found In System

The autopsy for a man who died in the back of a Sacramento Police wagon is out, and it rules his death an accidental meth intoxication. 

The report also says 30-year-old Brandon Smith had some sort of plastic baggie in his stomach, described by examiners as "disrupted." The report says he had some bumps and bruises but no major injuries.

Sacramento Police Sergeant Vance Chandler says that leaves several questions for their investigation to answer.

"Did that come prior to parole's contact with him? Did that come prior to our contact with him?," questions Sergeant Chandler. 

Smith's family says they weren't given access to the autopsy, and they say it was nearly two weeks after his death that his mother got to see him. They now say they want justice in his death.

Sacramento Police Release Video Of In-Custody Death - Thumbnail Image

Sacramento Police Release Video Of In-Custody Death

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