Notes From The Back Yard: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mike's Back Yard

Welcome to my home office. My back yard, a mug of coffee, a laptop, Cristina Mendonsa and Sam Shane on The KFBK Morning News streaming on the iHeartRadio app and a full inbox from overnight. Let's see what's interesting today:

  • We survived 103 degrees yesterday and it looks like Mother Nature is going to treat us gently for the foreseeable future---93 today, 87 tomorrow, 90 Friday and 96 over the weekend before cooling into the mid-80s next week--which pretty much gets us through the month of June.

  • I'm still thinking about the interview I did yesterday with Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times about her Golden State Killer podcast, Man in the Window. We talked about attitudes in the 70s toward rape and how it was largely swept under the rug---not talked about. Here's how different it was: In covering the attacks of the East Area Rapist, who prosecutors now believe was the Golden State Killer suspect, James DeAngelo, one of our local papers printed a letter from a reader that said the word "rape" was "too vulgar for public discourse". Rapists were rarely caught---as Paige put it, a ski mask on the rapists face and/or a pillowcase over the victim's and the chances of getting off scot-free were pretty high. We didn't have DNA testing to link the suspect to the crime. And the ones that were caught then, tended to get sentences of as little as one year.

  • In-depth today on the KFBK Afternoon News: A new USC-Dornsife poll asked Democrats, regardless of whom they support in 2020, what kind of candidate would have the best chance of winning against President Trump. The answer: A white, politically moderate, middle-aged male.

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Mike and Kitty

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