KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Thursday June 17th

Show Headlines:

  1. California's electric grid operator is declaring a Flex Alert for today. The Independent System Operator says Californians should voluntarily conserve electricity this evening to avoid potential power shutoffs during the triple-digit heat. Cal ISO is urging everyone to cut back on energy use, especially between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m.
  2. California farmers are now looking to use alternative water sources or figure out where they can purchase it. Many farmers are also opting to not plant row crops like melons and rice, and we can also expect to see them picking fruit early, to cut down on the amount of water being used and keep other trees alive.
  3. Attorneys in Sacramento are seeking a temporary restraining order against a newly hired council member staffer, Skyler Michel-Evleth, AKA Skyler Henry.Officials expect a decision from the Sacramento Superior Court today, and if approved, Evleth would be prevented from physically interacting with other city employees and from entering City Hall. The City Council cited safety concerns related to comments Evleth made on a podcast back in March
  4. The former home of the Sacramento Kings is set to become home to a hospital. The Sacramento Kings and city officials announced during a news conference yesterday that Sleep Train Arena will turn into a hospital site. It will include 35 acres of land donated to California Northstate University for the construction of a medical school and teaching hospital. Officials expect that the hospital will bring thousands of jobs to the area.  

Extra Links:

  • Skyler Henry on Voices of River City Podcast: The city of Sacramento is seeking a temporary restraining order against a staff member who works for city councilwoman Katie Valenzuela. The name of the staff member is Skyler Henry. The restraining order would prohibit him from entering city hall.... And would order him to stay away from city manager Howard Chan.... All members of Chan's family.... And their home. In a recent podcast Skyler Henry criticized a member of congress who voted against a bill that would raise the minimum wage. He said that member of congress should be terrified for the rest of her life. And then Henry went to say the same thing about Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg and city manager Howard Chan. 
  • Exercise: Good for the brain and the wallet

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