John McGinness Recommendations For The 2020 Ballot Propositions

California 2020 General Election Proposition Recommendations:

  • Proposition 14 would fund a bureaucracy with serious problems and a lack of accountability. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 14.
  • Proposition 15 would be the first step toward reversal of Proposition 13, would increase the cost of doing business in California, and have a regressive adverse impact on the disadvantaged. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 15.
  • Proposition 16 would return to the days of racial quotas in education, employment and public contracts in California. Such decisions should remain merit based. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 16.
  • Proposition 17 would allow convicted felons, still on parole, the right to vote. Would apply to all parolees, including rapists, child molesters, human traffickers to vote before having served their debt to society. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 17.
  • Proposition 18 would allow minors to vote prior to their 18th birthday, the age of adulthood, at which point persons are considered sufficiently mature to engage in contracts and function as adults. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 18.
  • Proposition 19 has an appealing component in terms of allowing reciprocity between and among all counties within the state for property tax advantages of Prop 13. However, it would impose increased tax liability on legacy family properties. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 19.
  • Proposition 20 would restore a semblance of reasonable consequences for engaging in certain identified criminal activity, increases penalties for specified theft related crimes. Recommend a Yes vote on Proposition 20.
  • Proposition 21 would expand local government’s authority to enact rent control, is a deeply flawed scheme that would increase housing costs and hurt California’s economic recovery. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 21.
  • Proposition 22 would restore app-based independent contractors working in California’s so called gig economy. This proposition allows for the benefits of free enterprise and opportunities for people to enhance their livelihood by working as contract service providers, and contributes to an enterprise that likely has reduced incidents of DUI in California. Recommend a Yes vote on Proposition 22.
  • Proposition 23 would limit access and opportunities to kidney dialysis for patients. This proposition would significantly limit critical medical services to a growing segment of the population. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 23.
  • Proposition 24 was created in secrecy with significant input from giant technology companies with a vested interest in its passage. This proposition compromise the safety and privacy of Californians. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 24.
  • Proposition 25 would effectively end the practice of cash bail as a means by which to ensure a criminal defendant’s presence in court to face charges against them. This practice was initiated in New York with drastic consequences. Bail is addressed in the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution and not punitive. It is merely a tool lawfully used to ensure the greatest likelihood of due process of law. Recommend a No vote on Proposition 25.