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List: John McGinness 2024 Primary Election Endorsements

John McGinness 2024 Primary Election Endorsements (partial list)

California Proposition 1 - Vote No 

Proposition 1 purports to address the needs of homeless veterans. Yet scant reference is made to veterans in the 67-page document. It is enormously expensive and puts taxpayers on the hook for $10 billion. It is effectively credit card borrowing from Wall Street, placing enormous burden on future generations. The state of California has spent $20-billion precious taxpayer’s resource in the past five years, with the promise of resolving homelessness. The problem has gotten worse. Please do not fall for this costly and ill- advised scheme. 

United States Senate - Steve Garvey

Mr. Garvey brings an affable outsider’s perspective. California sending the same ideology to the United States Senate has not served the purposes of the state or the nation. Steve Garvey has the temperament and attitude to work collaboratively to provide the best outcomes in challenging times. 

United States Congress CA 5th District - Tom McClintock

Rep McClintock is a constitutional scholar and a historian who takes his obligation to serve in the House very seriously. He has a wealth of experience, and can be counted on to serve his constituents well.

United States Congress CA 3rd District - Kevin Kiley

Rep Kiley has hit the ground running providing an enlightened voice in the House for his constituents. Mr. Kiley is bright, energetic, and committed to service. In addition to his service in the House, Mr. Kiley continues to be a solid supporter of wisdom in California State government, and is a solid supporter of public safety. Kevin Kiley has earned another term in the House of Representatives. 

United States Congress CA 9th District - Kevin Lincoln

Mayor Lincoln has been an effective leader in Stockton and has led the city through very challenging times. A fresh voice in the House, with a deep base of complex municipal leadership would be a tremendous addition to the House of Representatives. Kevin Lincoln has earned my support.

California State Assembly District 6 - Preston Romero

As a young man, Preston has amassed enormous experience in public service. Preston has worked hard and selflessly to improve the life of his community and the state of California. Preston Romero has earned my support.

California State Assembly District 5 - Joe Patterson

Assemblyman Patterson, as a new member of the Assembly has worked diligently and wisely to support common sense reforms. His actions have been supportive of fiscal responsibility and public safety.  Assemblyman Joe Patterson has earned my support. 

California State Assembly District 7 - Josh Hoover

Assemblyman Josh Hoover has a wealth of public service experience. Having served effectively as a local school board member and legislative staffer, Josh was able to hit the ground running as a new assemblyman. He has expended enormous energy and shown impressive wisdom in working across party lines for truly good outcomes for his constituents. Josh Hoover has earned my vote for a second term.

County Board of Supervisors Sacramento County District 4 - Rosario Rodriguez

Rosario is a small business owner, city council member and former Mayor of Folsom. She has displayed an impressive working knowledge of the issues that challenge the County of Sacramento. Rosario has supported public safety and fiscal responsibility. As a result, she has earned the endorsement of those who recognize the value of such priorities. Rosario Rodriguez has earned my vote for County Supervisor.

County Board of Supervisors El Dorado County District 3 - Brian Veerkamp

As a retired fire chief and former member of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, Brian has distinguished himself as a leader and a competent steward of public resources.Brian prioritizes public safety and fiscal responsibility very effectively. Brian Veerkamp has earned my support.

County Board of Supervisors El Dorado County District 1 - Greg Ferrero

As a career law enforcement officer, and retired captain with the California Highway Patrol, Greg has amassed the knowledge and experience to make him the most qualified for this position. In addition to his career experience, Greg and his wife are small business owners, and he has been very active in community activities. He has been a mentor and coach to the youths of El Dorado Hills, and has influenced them in a very positive manner. Greg Ferrero has earned my support.

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